Content & Messaging


Content marketing is all about how your voice is heard … whether it’s through humor and illustration with a touch of edginess to deliver a stand-out message or through an online video, print, event campaign integrated with social media.

SC2 knows that getting your message to the right customer or prospect, at the right time and with the right offer, demands innovative thought management.
So let’s imagine you want to engage your customer with the newest and greatest product or service. Here’s some ways SC2 can help accomplish that:

  • Content to Commerce – with downloadable apps that combine compelling stories with reviews or testimonials and ability to purchase directly from mobile devices or ipads.
  • Online Communities – to connect the customers with other product users, to share information, get answers and expert advice from peers
  • Branded Clubs – that will enhance the prestige of being part of your brand; perhaps offering a Club Magazine for members
  • Storyboards – storyboarding is a great way to showcase your company’s success stories
  • Infographics – provide visual data to communicate point of view
  • Video – using 100% recycled advertising. How green is that!
  • Un-characteristic of company’s brand – create something far removed from traditional company brand messaging that disarms, intrigues, and captures the audience and draws them in for more
  • Website/Blogs – to establish your company as an “expert” in whatever; for sharing information to help improve people’s lives, help them do their jobs better, etc. using a humanistic approach