Public Relations

Power of Story in Business

“Once upon a time … in a galaxy far, far away …”

Public Relations (PR) is simply: positive story telling through traditional and social media. When PR is an integrated component of your customer strategy, brand building, and selling efforts, this story-telling can earn an extraordinary return on investment for your company.

How do you get to a great story? We believe in having a message foundation built on purpose. SC² helps you evangelize your story while delivering it directly to the people you want to hear it … clients, prospects and the media.

Today, the old rules don’t apply. You cannot just send out a press release to hundreds of reporters and see what sticks. The focus must be on establishing relationships, becoming a trusted resource and engaging your audiences.

At SC² Marketing Group, we do all of the traditional public relations, but our specialty is media relations – getting media coverage that helps you get noticed and become known. We create opportunities for you to be a thought leader for print, broadcast and online media that covers what you do.

Let SC² be your “media matchmaker” and BE SEEN AND GET KNOWN.